Portrait: Merrill A. ThomasWelcome to my photography website. It is my pleasure to display images for all to enjoy.

I began photography while in High School. Starting with 35mm film cameras, I eventually moved to medium format. I shot for many years with Hasselblad equipment. What I learned about photography was accomplished through reading journals, photography books and attending workshops with professionals and a lot of hands-on experience.

I made the change to digital photography in 2006 and have enjoyed the many possibilities it offers.
My camera bag includes: Nikon D800 and D300 bodies. Lenses include Nikon 50mm, 16mm fisheye, 14-24 Zoom, 24mm tilt+shift, 24-70 zoom, 100mm micro, 70-200mm zoom, and 80-400mm zoom.

I am processing my images in Adobe Photoshop CS6; also use several plug-ins.

I am a Family Practice Physician in Wichita, KS. Medicine has been a very rewarding career for over 30 years, allowing me the resources to pursue my passion of photography.

Please enjoy my images. Feel free to contact me.

Thanks, Merrill Thomas